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CME Group Inc. (Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, New York Mercantile Exchange, The Commodity Exchange) is a global markets company. It is the world's largest financial derivatives exchange, and trades in asset classes that include agricultural products, currencies, energy, interest rates, metals, and stock indexes.

A former employee mentions on, "CME Group is loaded with smart and talented people...many whom will never reach their true potential due to the fact that management there is full of "lifers" who have never actually had real experience in the outside world."


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Former Employee - Technical Manager says

"I worked at CME Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Management is hard to trust. Whatever you say is used against you. Best is to keep quiet and find your next opportunity on Glassdoor"

Current Employee - Senior Analyst says

"I have been working at CME Group full-time Cons: There are so many cons and I don't even know where to start. 1. The human resource department is probably the one to blame for most of the mess I heard of. They don't give a shot about what you say. 2. I used to joke that employees should be interviewed for their own positions every year or so (replacing the PMP probably). They are so many people that know nothing about what they do, i am very serious when i say NOTHING. But somehow they got promoted every year or so because he talks about sports every morning with his boss for one hour... 3. There are certain employees treated unfairly, but HR does not care. For instance, some non profit-generating departments; international works (H1-B Visa workers. BTW if you need sponsorship, go find a tech company and stay away from this one); 4. I am lucky enough to have a good boss. But i do see those who had problems with their bosses, they were ripped of their job and being treated as non-exist, the boss promotes someone else under you to take your job (but not firing you yet). 5. I am not an expert on this. But probably CME should pay less dividend and spend more money on its own employees. In addition, the investment CME has made seems to be terrible, at least compared to ICE."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at CME Group full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The tech culture in this company is absolutely horrendous. Stay away if you want to become a bettersoftware engineer. Not conducive to growth, knowledge sharing, or development of good software engineering practices. You pick up some bad dev practices while here. Management does not put tech on an equal pedestal as the business so tech gets jerked around a lot to meet impossible demands."


"I worked at CME Group Cons: Benefits are excellent! You won’t find better"

Former Employee - Market Surveillance Analyst says

"I worked at CME Group full-time for more than 3 years Cons: This department has a lot of favoritism and people get treated unequally. Poor management. Nobody says anything about it because they are afraid, but everyone who is not apart of the favorited few are aware of what's going on. Usually people just leave for other jobs and don't look back. Human resources doesn't do anything when you report issues to them. They pretend to conduct investigations, but they are just checking boxes so they don't get sued because due to questionable behavior from management. Human resources is very active in this reviews section trying to artificially inflate the company's ratings, and yet the rating is still low. This says a lot about this company."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at CME Group full-time for more than a year Cons: CME is not a technology company although they try hard to project as one. Leadership is non-technical at best and promotions are based on favoritism rather than any objective measure. Blame game, chronic politics and red-tape are some of the key characteristics of the firm."

Former Employee - Market Surveillance Analyst says

"I worked at CME Group full-time Cons: -Highly toxic work environment -High turnover in NY Surveillance Dept (4-5 departures in 2018 alone) -Work is bland and uninteresting -Training, unless being conducted remotely from Chicago Surveillance, is very disorganized -Favoritism on an epic proportion -Outright bullying for all to see -Arbitrary terminations -Lack of diversity, no underrepresented minorities, and doing nothing to fix it"

Current Employee - Director says

"I have been working at CME Group full-time for more than 10 years Cons: You are just a number, management does not care about it's employees and as soon as you make too much they will find any excuse to get rid of you, they have done this hundreds of times."

Current Employee - Technical Leader says

"I have been working at CME Group full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Aggressive, discriminatory, bad leadership, if you bark the loudest and rule by fear, you are a shoe-in."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at CME Group full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Company is flocked with non technical Managers who do nothing except politics to keep their jobs and favoring people who speak their language. Company should get rid of such people seriously. If you do not know how to engage in very close friendship with your Manager, you get stalled."

Tecnico de telecomunicacoes (Former Employee) says

"Na cme o trabalhador e um numero...nao te dao valor nenhum..."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The Merc was a great company in terms of gaining work and financial industry experience. However, they treat their employees like terribly! They do not promote internal job advancement. They aren't fair to their AA employees. The only advantage I can say I received at some point was the 100% tuition reimbursement! Other than that they need to fire their entire HR staff! They need to stop allowing nepotism to flow throughout the departments! They need a complete revamp and the merge with CBOT made matters no better! Terrible company to work for! Especially if you're AA. If anyone disagrees it's because they aren't AA and therefore have not had the same experiences. Cons: Everything else!"

Senior Software QA/Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Over half (75%) engineers in teams are consultants. The workforce is not diverse - 99% of engineers are of same ethnicity. They plan to keep only certain consultants and weed the others out with no justifiable reason and no support."

CME employee (Former Employee) says

"Poor communication with management. Department goals are unclear. Cons: negative, condescending attitude"

Strategy Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Waste of data. No productive use of historical data. Not worth the effort"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"its a great place if you just want a paycheck , very competitive , good old boy network, lacks diversity, no support , fires the good employees to keep the cliques in place.lots of turnover. Cons: lots of turnover"

TRADER/BROKER (Current Employee) says

"Face pace work place,high stress at times.Great location in loop.Near public transportation.Very male dominated place,lots of security.Great learning experience"

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"What can I say about working at CME? It's an exchange where lots of people work and do as they are told. If you're looking to find out what it's like to work in an exchange, you should work there."

New York Mercantile Exchange (Former Employee) says

"In the acquisition of our company, the CME and NY groups didn't mix well. CME has a strong Chicago culture and a strong group of folks running the company."

Technology team (Former Employee) says

"The company has moved to a lean and mean structure impacting a work/life balance. Recent layoffs have reduced staff significantly."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The morale was low in the group I was in because most people were doing the work of at least two people. Most people on the team had to always have their work phones on them, even during vacation and weekends, so work-life balance was highly skewed towards work. Management did not invest resources into making the existing employees' lives easier, instead adding new team members to work on new projects. Management also did not listen to the tech experts and instead pressured the team into meeting unreasonable deadlines, leading to unnecessary stress and technical debt. Deployment process was led by bigots and was an overcomplicated nightmare, creating a culture of change resistance. Talented individuals were often delegated to menial tasks because they were simply an 'available' resource. The interview was a typical coding interview but most team members were not up to par with the standards of the interview. Cons: management, change approval process"

Senior Director - CD&S Hedge Funds (Former Employee) says

"CME is loaded with smart and talented people...many whom will never reach their true potential due to the fact that management there is full of "lifers" who have never actually had real experience in the outside world. Cons: Lack of real management"

Manufacturing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Attendance needs to be enforced management lies about advancements haven't had a raise in 3 years lots of favoritism people drinking on the job and they still have a job. Always having to check your time card to make sure you get all your money. Looks like a lot of people that are married are cheating on their husbands or wives lots of infidelity going on in this company. ochildren"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Vicious culture and not supporting if you're not aligned with the right groups/functions. When it's good - it's very good but conversely - bad is very bad. Tech makes it interesting - culture drains you."

Client Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The CME group has a hectic pace and requires total continuity with other employees. CME group provides a rewarding career to those who put in the extra effort Cons: job security"

Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"CME was a great company to work for especially during the IPO and merger/acquisitions of CBOT and NYMEX. I had many great experiences with incredibly talented colleagues. The pace was fast and ambiguous which made for interesting days. I found my niche with project management and enjoyed the variety of complex projects I was fortunate to implement. I've learned best practices and building relationships are extremely important to the success of projects with great communication as the foundation. The hardest part of the job for me was actually the commute. Cons: Commute, changing culture"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Ok place to work but constant cost cutting has everyone wonder whose job is going abroad next. Those left have to take up the slack. You need permission for everything so it's easier to just disappear at your cubicle than fight the bureaucracy. Cons: Red tape"

Senior Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"At CME Group you are part of making financial history. The company is a key part of the global economy. You are working for a company that works to creating fair markets and creating financial tools for investors to manage risk on their investments. At times the work can be very stressful and rewarding."

PC Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Build and troubleshoot Laptops, Desktops, tablets, monitors, iPhones, Macs, androids, printers, and manage inventory. Cons: Short lunch breaks, no advancement"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Unless you report directly to the upper managers, you do not have a good chance to stand out and move up the ladder. Reporting managers do not bad mouth you but only look out for themselves as far as career opportunities and advancement. Job security is not great as shareholder wealth is more important than rewarding employees. They will cut force just to save money. Cons: Very political and upper management levels do nothing and get rewarded"